How To Impress A Guitarist With A Unique Gift

Settling on a present for a friend who plays an instrument can be puzzling since they already have a hobby that keeps them busy. It seems as if they have everything they would ever need. However, there’s one way you could never go wrong with a birthday present, and that is supplying your mate with a guitar-related gift. Since the instrument is the celebrity of your friend’s mind, you could easily win his attention with a gift that matches his most beloved pastime.

With this list, we pursued to cover accessories with different uses. In this manner, we compiled a brief inventory of both practical and entertaining items to make sure that we deliver a gift alternative that could suit your friend’s personality. Whether we are talking about someone who indulges in the technical aspects of guitar playing and wants to constantly enhance the experience or someone who enjoys playing simply for the entertainment, there’s no way that someone won’t like at least one of our mentions.

5 awesome gifts for a guitar player 

  • Jim Dunlop Guitar Cleaning Kit
    Maintenance plays a central role in the longevity of a guitar. If your friend is an entry-level guitarist, he might have not supplied himself with a cleaning kit yet. Jim Dunlop sells a cool guitar cleaning kit for strings and fretboard, which includes a fretboard lemon oil, a polish, and a cleaner with two additional polishing cloths.
  • Headphone Vox AP2CR amplifier
    If your friend is living in an apartment or a quiet neighborhood, then emphatic guitar practice is limited to a few neighbor-friendly hours. A solution for both an intense sound and long-hour practice is a headphone amplifier. Also, there are many collateral perks of such a device, like additional amp modes and a variety of sound effects.
  • Tuner by Kliq
    Tuning is one tedious aspect of playing the guitar, however, it is a key functional element. With a tuning range from A0 to C8, this tuner will spare a guitarist some extra minutes of fetching up the harmonies. This model is ergonomic enough, so it doesn’t feel like a burden on the neck of the guitar. Also, it features an easy-to-read display that shows whether the sound is flat or sharp by detecting the pitches.
  • Guitar personalized plectrum
    Have you ever hard of an x-name acoustic guitar plectrum that has a personalized message too? If you’re looking for a gift that is both practical and holds an ounce of cheesiness, then this might be an optimal gift choice. Amazon houses a large array of retailers that sell such customized plectrums, and your friend could be one of the lucky owners of a guitar accessory that holds their signature name.
  • Guitar Tin Lunch Box
    A guitar-shaped meal box will undoubtedly give an extra ounce of uniqueness to a lunch break at school or work. Apart from the cool design, the box proves itself spacious enough to house a wide assortment of snacks. In this manner, if your guitarist friend already seems to have all the essential accessories for the instrument, a more entertaining gift would surely do him well.

How to grow muscle and build strength

Nowadays, getting fit is easier and more relevant than ever. Living a healthy lifestyle is encouraged and practiced by more and more people everyday, but getting started is not as easy as it seems, particularly for men. Naturally, it can be intimidating for an out-of-shape guy to start hitting the gym regularly while surrounded by lean and muscular powerlifters everywhere he looks. To all those skinny or sedentary dudes we say: fear not. We are about to break down some of the most important tips to keep in mind when you want to grow muscle and build strength. Let’s take a look.

Diet: start eating the right way

Most fitness enthusiasts will tell you that something they can all agree on is that an ideal body is built in the kitchen. Minding what you eat and drink can mark the difference between fast results and progressive frustration. If you’re either above or below your desired weight, the idea remains the same: your body needs enough food to turn nutrients into muscle mass. Balancing your diet is key, with a focus on proteins and carbohydrates to reach your caloric intake goals. If your budget it tight or you don’t have the time to cook that regularly, you can always rely on supplements like a mass gainer of your choice to get you there.

Routine: get off your seat regularly

Be it because you work too much or you waste too much time idling, getting fit requires you to commit to get off your chair more frequently. Discipline is essential in this endeavor, and only those who stick with it see results in time. It’s not an overnight process, rather it is built day by day with little actions that together make the difference. Set up an alarm to stand up and do some simple stretching every 30 minutes, for example. Your body will thank you and you’ll start noticing not only physical changes, but also emotional and psychological towards the idea of becoming a more active individual.

Training: lift, but don’t forget the rest

What most people focus on with no regard for other pieces of advice: training. There is no point in training if you don’t take into consideration the tips above. That being said, as you can probably guess, training to gain muscle is also all about balance, since only lifting heavy things won’t do much by itself if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing. Do complementary exercises that work two or more muscle groups at a time, try to incorporate some bodyweight exercises into your routine, and above all, don’t rush it. Results will come, but only if you progressively get there with exercise and patience.

Bonus: don’t forget to sleep!

You’ll be tempted to get a few more reps in your routines when you’re just about finished at the gym, only to get home and catch up with some other work and then cooking dinner at midnight. Doing this leaves you with less time to sleep at night, which is counterproductive to your goal of gaining muscle mass. A growing body needs rest, so don’t be too quick to underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep (every night)!